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Seasonal Safaris

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Discover our Seasonal Safaris and plan your trip with us today!

Enjoy a Free Domestic Return Flight

Experience the wonders of Kenya’s iconic Masai Mara or the captivating beauty of Samburu with our exclusive offer: Free Domestic Return Flights per person! Embark on an unforgettable safari adventure hassle-free when you book any of our featured safaris.

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Enjoy a Free Visit to Masai Mara Reserve

The Great Wildebeest Migration is one of Nature’s most awesome spectacles, and it takes place each year in the Mara/Serengeti ecosystem. No matter how many wildlife documentaries you may have watched, nothing can quite prepare you for the dust, noise and sheer scale of the Migration, as hundreds of thousands of wildebeest and tens of thousands of zebra march incessantly onwards in search of fresh grazing. Book your stay with us now and be part of an unforgettable adventure.

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