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Family Safari

Most of Saruni Basecamp properties have family units. This reflects our commitment to making safari experiences available and easier to enjoy for families because we know that an experience in the African bush is a bonding and enriching one for families and that more and more families want to come on safari together.

Children, in fact, immediately connect with nature and animals and show great curiosity and ability to learn. They normally find the unusual circumstances exciting and absorbing. Obviously, children might need special arrangements and we are ready to cater for them.

Children of all ages are welcome to Saruni Basecamp, with below recommendations. We prioritize the comfort and safety of all our guests, including families traveling with children. To ensure an optimal experience for everyone, kindly adhere to below guidelines:

  • Children aged 5 years and above are welcome to stay at Saruni Wild, Saruni Eagle View, Saruni Leopard Hill, Saruni Mara, BC Wilderness, and Saruni Rhino.
  • During their stay, children will be provided with their own beds within the booked accommodations.
  • Parents or guardians are kindly reminded to supervise their children at all times and adhere to any age restrictions or guidelines for activities.
  • We offer child-friendly meal options and ensure a serene environment by maintaining quiet hours.
  • Families traveling with children under 12 years are encouraged to book exclusive use of a vehicle (at an additional charge) for a more enjoyable and stress-free experience. This ensures that both parents and other guests can fully relax and appreciate the game drives without any disruptions- discuss vehicle recommendations with our reservations team during the booking process.

Some of our smaller camps can be booked at exclusive use. Other properties have units that have been designed for families, with not only bedrooms but also dining and sitting areas that make easy for a family to share the experience.

We have designed itineraries with families in mind: a life-enriching journey perfectly combining fun and adventure, luxury and relaxation, wildlife and culture, for parents and children alike.

We are proud to offer the unique Warriors Academy in both Samburu and the Masai Mara: an interactive experience designed for families with children. With a strong educational flavour, it is a fun, learning adventure that allows you all to explore the wilderness, wildlife and authentic lifestyles of two of Africa’s last remaining, fascinating tribes – the Maasai and the Samburu. Guided by the ‘moran‘, or warriors, you get to know, enjoy and understand these exceptional people and see the Kenyan wilderness from an extraordinary perspective – through the eyes of people who have called this wilderness their home for centuries.

As a family-oriented company, we have established the Young Explorers Club to ensure safaris in Masai Mara are more exciting for both parents and their children. We aim to teach children about the environment and nature while at the same time offering them an opportunity to have fun within the camp environs.

From learning bush survival skills, shooting bows and arrows, beading lessons with local Maasai ladies, learning to track with the guides, to playing board games and if we have any budding chefs – children are always welcome to get involved in the kitchen, baking cakes and bread! These activities will keep them entertained throughout their stay.

The Enjoolata Awareness Centre at Basecamp Masai Mara houses a display of tangible and intangible cultural collections from the Maasai community. These exhibits introduce a family to the Maasai culture and their relationship with the wildlife across the vast Masai Mara region. The exhibits are local cultural items ranging from household objects, shields, spears and headgear among other spectacular ceremonial pieces worn by both men and women. Guests also find information on the butterflies, birds and wildlife from the Mara region. All interesting topics for children!

We also have a babysitting (‘ayah’) service available upon request (at an extra cost) at our camps and lodges.