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Still semi-nomadic and very strongly connected to their traditions and culture, the Samburu are one of the most famous and interesting tribes in Kenya. Closely related to the Masai and speakers of a version of the Maa language, they are believed to have reached Kenya between four and five centuries ago with other Nilotic groups walking south from the Horn of Africa.

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Many clans still lead a simple life in lightly built settlements; the buildings are removed and transported to other areas, following the cycle of wet and dry seasons. In such a harsh environment, the Samburu have not developed agriculture, trade or industry. Their only wealth comes from cattle-herding, namely camels, goats, sheep and cows. Most of the men and all the women wear colourful traditional attires, often based on red and white.

Tall, very intelligent and sensitive, the Samburu people have learnt how to survive in challenging conditions and today are among the pioneers of eco-tourism in Kenya. Their land, in Northern Kenya, is a largely unexplored expanse of wild beauty rich in colour and experiences. What we also call The Big North is unlike any other destination on earth. This is the place of  ‘once-in-a-lifetime’; where wilderness and culture meet epic adventure. And it is responsible tourism at its very best.

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