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At Saruni Basecamp wellness of body and mind is important. We have created activities that enhance it and help our guests maximize the already beneficial effects of a safari in the middle of wild nature.

In some of our properties, we have a dedicated area called Wellbeing Space, in quiet and beautiful corners of the lodge, where a number of massages & treatments are available. In other properties, the massages and treatments are available not in dedicated spaces but in the guest’s accommodation.

The treatments are performed by full-time, resident experts and combine modern western techniques with ancient Maasai and Samburu wisdom and knowledge. For instance, we use Olsinoni leaves (Lippia Javanica) for their detoxifying and purifying properties.

In some properties we have yoga and exercise mats. Our verandahs are the perfect space for using the mats immersed in pure nature. In several properties we have swimming pools that provide the opportunity for exercise, but also for freshening up after a long day on safari.

We are always careful about dietary requirements. We can cater for all nutrition and food  sensitivities and allergies as informed prior to arrival.