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Walking in the African savannah is often the best way to get close to nature: plants, flowers, trees, animal tracks, the soil, with the wildlife as a background, become very vivid ingredients of the safari experience. Walking is also an opportunity for our guides to share stories, share their culture and share the knowledge.

Walking happens in the middle of wildlife reserves, where there are wild animals, so they need to be undertaken with special care. Walking is very popular for our guests, especially when they stay at our properties in Mara Naboisho and Kalama conservancies. In both cases, our guests are accompanied by our guides but also by armed rangers who belong to Kenya Wildlife Service in Mara Naboisho and Kalama Conservancy in Samburu. Walking is also a central experience for the guests staying at Basecamp Dorobo Mobile and Basecamp Hill Top, where you can choose between half-day and full-day walks.

Consult your camp manager and your guide on when is the best time to organize a walking experience.

Of course, we have our black rhino tracking experience at Saruni Rhino. To know more about it, you can read here.