Basecamp Dorobo Mobile

Basecamp Dorobo Mobile is a movable camp inside Naboisho Conservancy in the Masai Mara ecosystem. In the tradition of classic “fly camps”, Basecamp Dorobo Mobile is the result of years of admiration and respect for the ancient section of hunter-gatherers who were assimilated into the Maasai people and became known as the Dorobo. Truly the stuff of legends, the Dorobo spend their lives living off the African savannah, carrying no other protection than their intrinsic understanding of the wilderness, ready to change location according to the seasons, the weather and the needs of the group. Our camp and its 5 tents reflect this background and provides a unique atmosphere for guests who want to experience a different and more authentic way to be on safari in the famed Masai Mara region. Being a mobile camp, it remains comfortable and safe but has a rustic feel that accommodates the wish to be be really close to nature and to wildlife, without too many layers between your presence and the outdoors.

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Basecamp Dorobo Mobile camping offers simple camping in five specially designed mobile tents with soft mattresses, bucket showers and an outdoor toilet. This is ideal for a hiking experience where you want to connect with nature. By removing all unnecessary distractions, we aim to bring guests closer to the very essence of the African savannah.

Mobile Twin Tents

The five specially designed mobile tents, typical of the safari tradition of the old days, have soft mattresses, bucket shower and each a wonderful outdoor toilet.

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Rates from US$300

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Please contact us for Resident Rates applicable to residents of Kenya & East Africa.

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Activities & Experiences

  • Guided, shared day & night game drives
  • Picnics, bush meals & sundowners
  • Young Explorers Club – family activity
  • Guided walking safari
  • Traditional ceremonies and blessings
  • Tribal Story-Telling & Fireside Chats
  • Migration River Crossings
  • Local Maasai Village & Manyatta Visit
  • Hot Air Balloon Safari


  • Private verandah & living area
  • Communal lounge & dining areas
  • Communal fireplace
  • Viewing deck


  • Outdoor shower
  • Mosquito net over bed
  • Private verandah & living area

Basecamp Dorobo Mobile operates within the Mara Naboisho Conservancy in the Masai Mara.

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Basecamp Dorobo Mobile, together with its close partners and neighbours Basecamp Masai Mara, Saruni Leopard Hill and Saruni Eagle View, is a model for sustainability and a leading example of partnership between the local Maasai community and conservationists and investors.

Managed and staffed by members of the local community, the camp empowers the Maasai people by facilitating sustainable development on their land.

As a responsible tourism operator, we recycle the solid waste produced by our business. More importantly, we extend our program of waste collection, management and recycling to benefit the local communities.

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Reasons to Visit Basecamp Dorobo Mobile

There are many reasons to visit Basecamp Dorobo Mobile and we have selected the six main ones to make it easier for you to feel the uniqueness of this safari lodge, where nature, wildlife and people connect in a special way.

Authentic bush camping

Inspired by the wandering lifestyle of the Dorobo hunter-gatherers (part of the greater Maasai tribe), we offer you the opportunity to enjoy several days of walking and mobile camping in private and secluded sites within Mara Naboisho Conservancy and Pardamat Conservation Area for a chance to feel at one with nature.

Redefining the safari experience

Basecamp Dorobo Mobile camp is strategically positioned across various stunning locations within the Mara Naboisho Conservancy. Delight in multiple days of immersive walking safaris and mobile camping, granting guests the chance to witness an array of wildlife while embracing diverse perspectives within the extraordinary Mara Naboisho Conservancy.

All about culture

Spend time with the local Maasai and discover their proud history, as well as witnessing firsthand how our unique approach to community-based ecotourism is offering them a brighter future. In the evening, sit around the campfire and talk to the Maasai about how it was, how it is now and their dreams for the future.

Get closer to Nature

Enjoy the freedom and exhilaration of walking in the wild. There really is nothing better than exploring this incredible landscape on foot and learning to notice and appreciate the smaller details that make the Mara so fascinating.

Al fresco dining

After a morning spent walking with the Dorobo hunter-gatherers – and seeing the landscape through their eyes as a source of food, shelter, and spiritual enlightenment – you can enjoy a delicious picnic lunch in the shade of an acacia tree. Take in the endless views as the perfect accompaniment to your meal, while your local guides share bush wisdom and anecdotes. Evening meals are eaten under the stars by the flickering light of lanterns and a campfire.

Tangible returns

All our projects are designed to ensure tangible returns to the local community, the ultimate custodians of this beautiful land. We are committed to community-based ecotourism, and to building a sustainable future for the next generation. By staying at Basecamp Dorobo Mobile and guests are contributing to the various initiatives we are proactively engaged in to benefit the local community.


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