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Our Experiences

At Saruni Basecamp we believe that a great safari experience is made of many elements: the majestic African wildlife in its stunning landscapes, but also the culture and traditions of the Maasai and Samburu. It is a fascinating experience where all becomes interesting and relevant: the birds and the trees, the walking to appreciate nature on foot and the storytelling around a campfire, the stargazing and the visit to Maasai villages where the landlords of our territories live in co-existence with nature and wildlife. 

Some experiences are common to all our properties, others are specific to one or more properties. The important aspect is that for a company like ours, deep-rooted in community-based conservation, a safari is always much more than ‘ticking the boxes”. It is an absorbing and engrossing immersion – with the help of our guides – into the many nuances of the African bush and the big and small wildlife that we want to protect in partnership with the communities.

In addition to the more common safari activities that are often offered by other properties, the below are our special ones, that can make each safari unique and unforgettable.

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Weddings & Honeymoons

Our guests can celebrate this special occasion away from the crowds and in total exclusivity, with as much attention and privacy as desired. Surrounded by untouched wilderness in all directions, explore the exciting and beautiful Saruni Basecamp locations together.

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Rhino Tracking

The Black Rhino Tracking Experience is a pioneering walking safari first of its kind in East Africa, providing a unique and exhilarating adventure whilst also allowing guests to actively contribute to the protection of this iconic species.

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Game Drives

Morning, afternoon and all-day game drives through the conservation areas and National Reserves are at the core of the safari experience. We have access to some of the best conservancies in Kenya and fantastic habitats for African wildlife.

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Walking in the African savannah is often the best way to get close to nature: plants, flowers, trees, animal tracks, the soil, with the wildlife as a background, become very vivid ingredients of the safari experience.

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Sundowners & Bush Meals

Enjoy breakfasts, lunches and starlit dinners under the acacia trees beneath the vast African skies (weather permitting). We’d love to take you to our secret spots for a bush dinner or for a picnic lunch that allows us to be with elephants, waterbuck, lion, impala and all the wildlife that stop to take water.

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At Saruni Basecamp wellness of body and mind is important. We have created activities that enhance it and help our guests to maximize the already beneficial effects of a safari in the middle of wild nature.

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Family Safari

All Saruni Basecamp properties have family units. This reflects our commitment to make safari experiences available and easier to enjoy for families, because we know that an experience in the African bush is a bonding and enriching one for families and that more and more families want to come on sagari togerther.

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Learn & Change

A safari with Saruni Basecamp is not only source for entertainment and recreation, but a special opportunity to learn and change. Not only change internally, absorbing the values of respect and love for nature and wildlife that day by day you witness in our guides, in our staff and in the local people.

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