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The Conservancies

Saruni Basecamp works with and inside six community-owned wildlife conservancies located in different regions of Kenya. But what exactly is a conservancy?

Since national parks and national reserves were not sufficiently large to provide the space wildlife and tourism needed to thrive, in 1997 the Kenya Wildlife Service launched the “Parks Beyond Parks” campaign. The idea was: that if the communities who had lived with wildlife for generations set aside their land for conservation, and wildlife, tourists and most of all the landowners stand to benefit.

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Mara North Conservancy

A rolling savanna of more than 28.000 hectares, Mara North was established in 2009 and borders the Masai Mara National Reserve. It is vital for sustaining the famous Serengeti wildebeest migrations. Our properties here are Saruni Mara and Basecamp Mara Houses.

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Mara Naboisho Conservancy

Established in 2010, it is the second-largest conservancy in the Masai Mara with 22,000 hectares. It has the reputation of being one of the best-managed conservation areas in East Africa. Saruni Basecamp has four camps in the conservancy: Saruni Eagle View, Basecamp Wilderness, Saruni Leopard Hill, and Basecamp Dorobo Mobile.

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Lemek Conservancy

Lemek Conservancy is a beautiful private wilderness area of more than 7,600 hectares. It is a vital part of the Masai Mara ecosystem and is considered one of the Masai Mara areas richest in wildlife throughout the year. Our property here is the strategically located tented camp Saruni Wild.

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Pardamat Conservation Area

Vast, wild and still relatively unknown, it is the only triple-use (people-wildlife-livestock) conservancy in the Mara region, where its landowners have agreed to dedicate their land to conservation while remaining to live and work on it. It shares a border with four conservancies and is an important wildlife corridor. It hosts the Wildlife Tourism College. Our property here is called Basecamp Hill Top.

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Kalama Conservancy

Established in 2002, this large (49,000 hectares) and incredibly scenic wildlife reserve owned and managed by the Samburu people is a vital wildlife corridor for large herds of elephants and other animals migrating between the Samburu and Marsabit areas. Our property here is Saruni Samburu.

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Sera Conservancy

This vast (339,500 hectares), pristine, untouched land in Northern Kenya is owned by a small number of semi-pastoralists, from the Samburu, Turkana and Rendille tribes. Once a poaching hotspot, Sera has etched its name in history as the first community conservancy in Africa to run a black rhino sanctuary. Our property here is called Saruni Rhino.

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