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Learn & Change

A safari with Saruni Basecamp is not only source for entertainment and recreation, but a special opportunity to learn and change. Not only change internally, absorbing the values of respect and love for nature and wildlife that day by day you witness in our guides, in our staff and in the local people. Change also means contributing to positive change, having an impact, on the people and the communities who own the land where we operate. Having an impact on the protection of the land where nature thrives.

So, only rarely a safari is just a holiday. More often ends up being a catalyst for change, an (exciting) learning experience for the individual and for the family. It becomes a sometimes surprising occasion to re-think our role in society and to become part of a wider, bigger movement that aims at transferring planet Earth to future generations in the best possible shape.

In coming on safari and contributing to the conservation fees that Saruni Basecamp pays to the landowners such a contribution is already a very tangible one. But there is more that can be done.

This is why in addition to the traditional safari activities that bring our guests in close contact with the big African fauna and flora and with the interesting culture of the Maasai and Samburu peoples, we have designed various experiences that bring our guest close to both the local traditional and to the mission and vision of our company.

From the Your Explorers Club and Warriors Academy to the ancient storytelling around the campfire, from star gazing using the eyes and legends of the Samburu to the Enjoolata Awareness Centre at Basecamp Masai Mara, from learning about land management to what community-owned conservancies are and how they operate, every day on safari brings new ideas, new knowledge and new stimulation to learn and change.

We are associated with the Basecamp Foundation where many community and conservation-related projects are financed and we suggest to our guests to visit the Foundation website.