Basecamp Adventure

Basecamp Adventure is a tented camp made of only 6 tents located on a beautiful, forested bend of the Talek River, right next to the world-famous Masai Mara National Reserve, and embodies the essence of simplicity under canvas with an abundance of private open space for the intrepid explorer yearning for an atmosphere of adventure. The intimate and relaxed atmosphere of the camp allows you a unique safari experience in a prime wildlife area. It is the ideal place to unwind, either in the lounge reading a book or from the comfort of your tent, where you can spot different animals as they take a drink from the river. At Basecamp Adventure you reconnect with nature thanks to the essential and pure atmosphere of the camp. Our activities are designed for those who want to immerse themselves in the local community, its culture and experience the day-to-day conservation efforts to save our common heritage.

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Basecamp Adventure comprises of six spacious tents, each with a blend of warm earth furnishings and fitted with twin or double beds, bio-flush toilets, solar-heated showers, and a private terrace with comfortable seating to enjoy the magnificent views over the plains of Masai Mara National Reserve. The tents blend in with the natural surroundings and each of them has a private terrace with views of the river and the plains beyond.

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Activities & Experiences

  • Guided/shared day game drives
  • Picnics, bush meals & sundowners
  • The Enjoolata Educational Centre
  • Young Explorers Club – family activity
  • Maasai Women Arts & Crafts Centre
  • Tree Nursery Tour with tree planting
  • Tribal Story-Telling & Fireside Chats
  • Migration River Crossings
  • Local Talek market visit
  • Cultural walk through Talek town
  • Bird Walk
  • Nature Forest Walk
  • Local Maasai Village & Manyatta Visit
  • Hot Air Balloon Safari


  • Communal lounge & dining area
  • Communal fireplace


  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Indoor & outdoor shower
  • Mosquito net over bed
  • Private verandah & living area
  • Electricity

Basecamp Adventure is located at Talek River, Masai Mara

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Basecamp Adventure, together with its close partner and neighbour Basecamp Masai Mara, has long been considered a model for sustainability and a leading example of partnership between the local Maasai community and conservationists and investors.

Managed and staffed by members of the local community, the camp empowers the Maasai people by facilitating sustainable development on their land.

As a responsible tourism operator, we recycle the solid waste produced by our business. More importantly, we extend our program of waste collection, management and recycling to benefit the local communities.

Basecamp Adventure aims to implement tourism operations in a responsible way by creating a positive impact in the regions where we are active. One of them is the wider Maasai Mara ecosystem, nowadays facing unprecedented environmental challenges. We have taken action to restore the biodiversity of one of the most important habitats left in the world and empower the community to become resilient towards the negative effects of climate change.

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Reasons to Visit Basecamp Adventure

There are many reasons to visit Basecamp Adventure and we have selected the six main ones to make it easier for you to feel the uniqueness of this safari lodge, where nature, wildlife and people connect in a special way.

Prime Game Viewing

The Masai Mara has remarkable year-round wildlife, in addition to one of the world’s most remarkable wildlife spectacles - the Great Wildebeest Migration. From July to October or November each year, over two million animals pass through the Mara, running the gauntlet of river crossings and hungry crocodiles.

Simplicity in the Wilderness

Basecamp Adventure embodies the essence of simplicity under canvas, combined with an abundance of open space to explore. The intimate and relaxed atmosphere of the camp offers a unique safari experience in a prime wildlife area. It is the ideal place to unwind, either in the lounge reading a book or enjoying the comfort of your tent.

Get Closer to Nature

Basecamp Adventure offers a more authentic safari experience, with up-close and personal (yet safe and respectful) wildlife encounters, and wild Africa starting right on your doorstep. Engage all your senses as you see, hear and smell the magic of Africa all around you, and feel both exhilarated and grounded at the same time.

Authentic Cultural Encounters

Spend time with the Maasai and learn about their sustainable lifestyle, the challenges they face in the modern world, and how they see the future of their people and their land. Explore their rich heritage, and discover that no matter where you’re from, you’ll find that you have more in common with Maasai herders and warriors than you might have imagined.

Having a Positive Impact

Our community initiatives are changing lives for the better – and could have the same impact on you. Visit the Enjoolata Centre to learn about Maasai culture and Mara wildlife, or meet the ladies from Basecamp Maasai Brand and discover their beautiful artisanal craft products. Explore our tree nursery and organic vegetable garden, and learn how our water project is supplying clean drinking water to nearly
2,000 local families.

Tangible Returns

Our projects are deigned to ensure tangible returns to the local community, the guardians of this beautiful land. We are committed to community-based ecotourism and building a sustainable future for the next generation. By staying at Basecamp Adventure, you’re contributing to a brighter future for local people.


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