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As we mark International Women’s Day, it’s a moment to celebrate the progress made towards gender equality and reflect on the journey ahead. This year, the theme “Accelerating Progress: Invest in Women” is one which Saruni Basecamp embodies through our unwavering commitment to empowering women from local Masai and Samburu communities to become role models and financially contribute in the community and at home.

In the heart of the Masai Mara and Samburu, women from local communities are stepping into their roles as leaders and changemakers. This is the reality that Saruni Basecamp is committed to help formulate through a range of initiatives designed to uplift and empower women, not only catalyzing progress, but also sowing the seeds for a future where equality and sustainability thrive.

Accelerate progress

One such initiative is the Basecamp Masai Brand. Since its inception in 2003, this initiative has been a lifeline for women skilled in traditional beading handicrafts. Through fair trade practices, these artisans retain a significant portion of the sale price, ensuring economic empowerment and bolstering household food security. The success of Basecamp Masai Brand extends beyond local sales, encompassing online selling platforms and international consignments, amplifying the reach and impact of these talented women across the globe

Saruni Basecamp International Womens Day Women Team

Rallying powerful women

But the impact doesn’t end there. Saruni Basecamp goes beyond economic empowerment, recognizing the importance of representation and leadership. Step into the camp’s vibrant atmosphere, and you’ll find women at the helm, ensuring unmatched guest experiences. With approximately 70% of camp management comprised of local women, Saruni Basecamp is redefining leadership norms and paving the way for inclusivity.

In a world where gender disparities persist, Saruni Basecamp is breaking barriers by championing female safari guides. A field traditionally dominated by men, these women have shattered stereotypes and blazed a trail for future generations. By sponsoring Maasai women to become guides, Saruni Basecamp is not only creating job opportunities but fostering a culture of empowerment and autonomy. The female guides become ambassadors of change, challenging societal norms and paving the way for a more inclusive and diverse workforce.

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, let us not only acknowledge the progress made but remind ourselves that true empowerment begins with belief—in oneself, in each other, and in the endless possibilities that lie ahead.